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Fishing Nets

Range of fishing nets and fishing netting including standard fishing nets, trawl nets, drift nets, dip nets, gill nets, tangle nets, trap nets, knotless nets and monofilament lines, longline equipment, crab and lobster pots, bait nets, ropes and twines. See fishing nets

Fishing Traps

Wide variety of fishing traps including: Lobster pots, wire and cane versions, large and small Crab traps, rectangular and circular large and small, plus igloo type Yabbie traps, Opera house type and rectangular Witches hat traps and replacement netting to suit Trap anodes. See fishing traps

Amateur Fishing Gear

Range includes: Angler reels, Pacific Composites rods, Mono fishing line and braid, Sinkers and leads, Fish hooks for every type of fish, Lures, Bait buckets and tackle boxes, shogun tackle, hawk tackle, Wilson tackle, bait, swivels, crimps and clips, long line gear, shark clips, RW Basham galvanised and stainless steel fittings, MacFarlane’s sinkers and leads, Icey Tech ice boxes.

Long Line Gear

Includes: Monofilament (available in 1mm-5mm), Long line snaps (shark clips), Crimps, Crimping tools, Swivels. See long line gear

Fish Shop Supplies

Fish shop equipment includes: Display items, including plastic fern leaves, plastic crabs/lobsters/fish, Display dividers, Aprons, many styles and colours, knives and sharpening gear, and more. See fish shop equipment

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